French Provincial Kitchens

Design that will never go out of style
French Provincial Kitchens

Timeless and Classic; The flawless design of French Provincial Kitchens is one that will never go out of style.

Aus Joinery specialises in creating these designs in your home’s kitchen and blending them beautifully with contemporary elements.

Most widely recognised and utilised by homeowners

The origin of French Provincial Kitchens and their design comes from the countryside of 18th century France, where the craftsmen of furniture were inspired by surrounding landscapes and utilised them to create some of the most unique and sophisticated patterns and finishes.

This era generated an incredibly lasting influence on interior design, and due to this, the French Provincial kitchens continue to be some of the most widely recognised and utilised by homeowners.

In order to bring this design to life in your home, and create the French Provincial Kitchen you have always dreamed of, our team of professionals will provide guidance from start to finish. Whether you want to include subtle details alluding to French Provincial style and incorporate them with a modern design, or create a space that completely captures it fully, we can find the precise colours, patterns, textures, and pieces that will work in harmony to embody exactly what you have in mind.

All of the materials we utilise are of top quality. We aim our efforts at crafting kitchen designs that are not only beautiful, but functional and built to last. You can rest assured that under our expertise and direction, your home’s kitchen will become one of the most awe-inspiring spaces in your home.


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