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Kitchen, Wardrobe & Bathroom Renovations Sydney

Welcome all to Aus Joinery Kitchens! As Sydney’s most professional and reliable kitchen and bathroom solutions providers, we have the knowledge, the expertise and the dedication to offer residents a truly exceptional service. The reason for our respected and reliable reputation is due to our commitment to providing a strong platform for Sydney residents to create the kitchen, bathroom and cabinets that they have always wanted for their homes.

Kitchen Renovation Sydney

Kitchen Renovation Sydney

We are highly experienced in Kitchen Renovation Sydney.

Thanks to our extensive behind the scenes work, we are able to provide Sydney residents with a plethora of different options and solutions for all their kitchen, cabinetry and bathroom requirements.

From complete kitchen renovations to cabinetry creations, from custom-made bathroom cabinets to glass splashback installations, our wide selection of solvable packages are made by a professional team using only the best materials. Additionally, our packages and solutions are available at affordable and competitive prices for all Sydney residents.

kitchen Renovation Sydney

Why we are the best at Kitchen Renovation Sydney

Aus Joinery kitchens have been designing, fabricating and installing cabinetry and joinery of the highest standard for over 20 years. Their ownership and heritage flows through all aspects of the business from their European style business practices to stunning modern inspired design right through to their production which even exceeds European standards of quality control.

All of the staff you will find at Aus Joinery Kitchens in Sydney are employed by the company and not sub-contracted as is the case with so many other companies these days. The widespread use of sub-contractors in the kitchen industry has definitely brought costs down particularly with on site installation work. Unfortunately this has almost universally resulted in lowering standards of quality due to split loyalties and poor quality control processes as the various stakeholders move through the job with no one person responsible for the whole.

Aus Joinery kitchens have two teams of the most highly skilled cabinetmakers installing all of their own work. These teams work to the companies quality standards to produce the highest quality finished job. This has been the most successful approach, keeping Aus Joinery kitchens at the front of the high end market for over 20 years with most new work coming from past client referrals.


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"The Aus Joinery team can definitely pride themselves on being able to deliver. Their attention to detail, quality workmanship, keeping to the schedule, professionalism, courtesy and customer service lead to the greatest customer satisfaction on our project". Alex K

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